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Welcome Message and Rules

Postby ZackM » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:53 pm

Welcome to The Duke Forum,

Perhaps surprising to some, this forum has existed in some form since the Summer of 2011 when ~10 posters from various major Duke Basketball Message boards came together to form a private forum where they could discuss Duke Basketball, movies, music, sports, and a variety of other issues with minimal moderating and maximum snark. The goal was to put together an organized and clever forum where intelligent discourse and pure snark could be encouraged. This forum is an extension of that original project and we couldn't be more excited to have you on board. A few items for your consideration:


This site has a number of elements to it. First and foremost, there are FOUR forums.

Duke Basketball-- This forum is completely public and completely dedicated to discussion of Duke Basketball.

Duke Football-- This forum is open and dedicated to discussion of Duke's Football team.

The Banana Stand-- This is an off-topic forum. Do whatever you want. Have a ball. However, we would encourage you to steer clear of religious issues as experience tells us all that nothing good ever ever comes of those talks.

The Locker Room-- This forum is the original discussed above. It is akin to a premium board, however there is no cost and you cannot simply register for it. To join The Locker Room, you have to be invited. It is an invite-only forum. Admission requires a nomination and unanimous approval from current members. The nomination process is pretty simple:

(1) A member creates a nomination thread.
(2) Three days are provided for objections. Any objection must be explained in full by the objecting member.
(3) If after 3 days, there are no objections, an invite is extended to the nominee.

Over 20 members have gone through this process in the past year or so. I'm sure you are wondering, what makes somebody a good candidate for nomination. Its pretty simple, if you are a frequent poster who is clever and adds to the conversation, rather than just posting noise, you will be considered. We recognize that sometimes message board discussions turn into arguments. If somebody attacks you personally, it reflects well on you if you just walk away. The mods appreciate it and it says a lot about character. You also need to follow the rules of the board, posted below:


(1) Don't be a dick. Pretty simple, right?

(2) Add something to the conversation. Don't just post noise ("totally agree"... "i know, right?" ... "that's what I'm saying"... etc...)

(3) Try to avoid starting new threads. We like a clean board and broad topics for discussion.

(4) No bigotry please.

(5) But seriously, don't be a dick. It isn't hard to be civil. You can do it.


You will also notice that we have a number of cool features. They include:

(1) Chat Room- The chat room is accessible to all

(2) Embedded video-- Just use the YouTube tag.

(3) Blog- Members of The Locker Room will frequently generate original content based in statistics. These studies will often find their way to the site's blog.

(4) Stats Database- The board also will be incorporating a statistical database to aid anybody looking to make an argument based in fact and data.

This board is completely free and completely free of advertising. It is created for Duke fans by Duke fans. In fact, it is the fruit of a collective effort that involved some 20+ longtime Duke posters. So, we hope you enjoy what we have built (in just 2 days) and decide to stay for awhile. Jump in and feel free to invite your friends.


The Duke Forum
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Re: Welcome Message and Rules

Postby ZackM » Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:50 pm

I have added a new "tagging" feature.

You can find the tag option in the BBcodes while making a post.

Tagging someone will create a link to their profile in the post and also notify them via PM that they have been tagged. The PM will also include a link to the tagged post. You can turn off the PM notifications in your profile posting settings.
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